My New "Old Man"...

Ok, so here is the story on my new "Old Man". I went to Humane Society and found the oldest dog to adopt. It didn't matter to me if they were male or female, I just wanted the oldest one. I wanted to do this, to give them a happy ending to what may have been a hard life. A happy ending meaning love, playing and what have you.

So, my "Old Man's" story is this. He was a stray, for how long, no one knows. He was in such bad shape when he was found that the police were called and they put a hold on him to see if someone came forward to claim him. They did this so they could question the person about animal cruelty. Of course no one came forward.

He had to have dental surgery and most of his teeth were removed. He also had sores on his back and his back had to be shaved to fix him. When I got him he was on two different medications. The only side effect that I've noticed is that his gait was off and he stumbled a lot, at times he would fall over. This has gone away since me getting him.

When I met him, he was very shy but has since become lively. He runs (as best as he can) and he plays with me. He is eating regularly and has only had one potty accident. He is starting to follow me around now and he likes to lay close to my feet. He does sleep in bed with me and he curls right up next to me. There isn't much to him, he weighs 12 lbs. soaking wet.

The Humane Society had named him Crouton and while that isn't a bad name, we all wanna name our pets. After thinking about it for a few hours, I just decided to call him "Old Man". I'd been calling him that anyway in the interim. So, Why not make his name "Old Man". It Works...