Grease 2: Revisited
So, I am a Grease 2 person. I also love the original Grease but I think Grease 2 is a good story as well. Even though I am a Grease 2 person there are plenty of things wrong with this movie. While the original Grease makes complete sense and is just a great story. Grease 2 is a little different but it also has a good story. In the original Grease, the soundtrack is indicative of the time frame of the movie but in Grease 2 they miss the mark on that. Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack is good, it has some good songs on it but if the movie takes place the next year or two after the original G..
Friday the 13th: Revisited
I recently did a four-night stand of the first four Friday the 13th films. Up until this point I hadn't seen them all in their entirety. I only saw parts of part one, part two I didn't see it all, part three I did see but I didn't remember it and part four I did see and I remembered quite a bit of it. So in considering the above, I decided to watch them. I only watched the first four in the franchise because to my recollection after part four things get pretty stupid and characters changed or original characters didn't reprise the roles and all in all it just seemed like a giant mess. So I ..
Werewolf TV Series Revisited
Sometimes I feel a bit nostalgic, so revisiting things from my past is fun for me. I make connections with certain times in my life to music/movies/TV Series. So, now when I hear something, sometimes it takes me back. That is the case here. I was giving a guy a ride and we were talking about old tv series. He mentioned the series Werewolf from 1987. I immediately chimed in with "I used to watch that". Well, throughout the night, I'm remembering this show and by the time I get home @ 2 am, I wanna watch it. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I watched the whole series on my plex serv..